Licensed Dropped Kerb Contractors 

ETM Contractors are licensed contractors for dropped kerb works in Bristol and across the South West, with the required accreditation and liability insurance.

We carry out dropped kerb works in Bristol, South Gloucester, and North Somerset, in accordance with The Highways Act 1980.Dropped kerbs, also known as dropped crossings, are sections of public pavement dropped to allow vehicle access to private driveways.

Dropped Kerbs South Gloucester/North Somerset

If you are interested in getting a dropped kerb on your property, you must check with the relevant local authorities. Contractors carrying out dropped kerb works must be licensed for the work with appropriate accreditation and insurance.

South Gloucester properties should contact South Gloucester Council and review the relevant planning permission material here.

North Somerset properties should contact North Somerset Council and review the relevant material here and apply for dropped kerbs here.

Dropped Kerbs Bristol

To get a dropped kerb on your Bristol property, you need to enquire through Bristol City Council for planning permission in various scenarios.

Planning permission is required in certain instances, such as if your property it on a ‘classified road’, i.e. a main thoroughfare, bus route or near a hospital. Find out planning permission requirements for dropped kerbs in Bristol here.

Dropped Kerb Contractor Quote

Once you have established with local authorities you can proceed with a dropped kerb, and you can apply for a quote with licensed dropped kerb contractors.

To apply for a free quote, submit a full ‘dropped kerb quote’ form, complete with a photo of the footpath and a simple drawing.

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