Trusted Civil Engineering Constructors in Bristol and the South West.

History of ETM

Edward McCormack founded ETM in 1994 and, with the addition of highly motivated and energetic key personnel, has since built a reputation for quality and customer care.

Strategically situated close to the M5, ETM now have over 200 construction workers located in Bristol, the South West and South Wales. Our expansive team always maintains high standards and assures quality, staying updated with the latest legislations and certifications.

ETM Contractors, alongside our sister company ETM Recycling, provide Bristol and surrounding South West companies and local authorities with comprehensive and expert civil engineering and recycling services. Utilising decades of experience and an ever-growing team of certified workers, ETM continues to provide unrivalled services to local companies and councils.

Trusted Civil Engineering Contractors

ETM Contractors specialise in all types of ground engineering, highway maintenance and turnkey fibre optic services, all carried out in-house, including:

Resurfacing and remedial works

Carriageways, footways, car parks, including emergency work. 

Highway maintenance

Cycle paths, bus stops, highway construction.

Fibre Optics installation

Cabling, jointing, splicing, testing, commissioning.

Fibre network

Planning, build, activation, maintenance. 

Digital transmission

Installation commissioning. 

Service installation

Business and residential